20/08/2005 : Circle Line Challenge

First of all - please let me apologies - while I did take my camera with me, I hardly used it. In fact, practically all of these photos are from the last pub we went to - this has 2 consequences, due to drunkenness - out of focus and crap. Anyway, we all made our way into sunny London to brave the possibility of getting blown up & ripped off to celebrate Jess's birthday.

But hey - a good time was had by all. Only Simon, Hayley and myself ventured outside of the safety net of the Camberley / Guildford area, the rest preferring to go to Godalming (why?!?). As in the past, the Challenge sort of failed - the City shuts down over the weekend and so do a lot of the pubs. I think we made it to Kings Cross in the end, probably only a third of the way round.

It was a very good night - I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Simon was wasted (isn't he always though) and I may or may not have let Clair Duffus know that Kev fancies(-ed?) her. At the last pub we had these very strange schnapps bong things - very weird, just kinda made your through dry and slightly light-headed. There is a short video of Jess using said device - click here (size: 3,954kb) to view. Oh, and Simon and I thought it would be damn funny to keep singing the KFC advert at the top of our voices - all together now..... "I can feed the family for £9.99 - great she hasn't cooked!"