15/04/2006: Toms House

Nothing special really - just a video of Morks Sanitary Towel experiment (idea totally nicked from the b3ta newsletter), and then Tom prancing around with it attached to him bottom. Quite amusing. This is a 25meg file so please be patient.

Update: The Insult Centre

Well, it would seem that the Insult Centre does not work al all in IE. Crappy PoS that it is. USE FIREFOX. But anyway, for those of you who love Bill Gates, here is the old version which will work for you. Click HERE.

Last night at Toms

Want to see something funny? How about Simon snorting salt and then squeezing a lemon in his eye? Yup, video here.

Problem: The Insult Centre

It has come to my attention that the Insult Centre does not work correctly with IE. I think this is something to do with using a PHP file in a frame. Moral of the story -- USE FIREFOX! Click here to see the insult goodness.

05/11/2005 : Jongleurs

Yes that's right - we've been off to Reading again. To be perfectly honest, I was very, very drunk; so much so that I cannot remember a good chunk of the later half of the night (read 'good chunk' as 'all'). Click above for photos - taken by my brother as I still cannot find my camera charger! Oh, and who the hell are the randoms? I have no memory of them whatsoever, but I seem to have posed with them. Hmmm. Damn my memory. (cont....)

20/08/2005 : Circle Line Challenge

First of all - please let me apologise - while I did take my camera with me, I hardly used it. In fact, practically all of these photos are from the last pub we went to - this has 2 consequences, due to drunkenness - out of focus and crap. Anyway, we all made our way into sunny London to brave the possibility of getting blown up & ripped off to celebrate Jess's birthday (cont....)

06/08/2005 : Nikkis House

Trouble with not updating the site for some time is that you forget what actually happened.... no photos, but some fairly amusing videos. The only thing of note really was Mork abusing the cat with a fire poker. Now that isn't something you see everyday! No photos I'm afraid, only videos. (cont....)

30/07/2005 : The Sandwich Challenge

Please click above to see what all the fuss is about. (cont....)

15/06/2005 : General Update

Well, without further ado, I've loaded on a load of completely random photos/vids from my camera and also from my phone. Because of this, they are not fantastically good quality, and I can't even remember where I took them (although looking at them, it would appear most were from round Nikki's house. In which case I was probably drunk, hence why most of them are out of focus! (cont....)

15/04/2005 : Australia!

21541 mile round trip. 21 days. Koalas. Kangaroos. Good food. Nice people. Fantastic weather. That's right, I've been to Australia. Frankly, the best holiday I have ever been on - beats the 'states by a mile and then some. Expensive as heck, and you do have to spend FAR too long on a plane, but I thoroughly recommend it. (cont....)

20/03/2005 : New Photos

The night began round young Simons house - we had to make a quick trek over to the One Stop opposite The Rose as the bloody Tesco's had run out of booze (don't they realize that most of their custom is from drunks?) Suitably Stella'd up (or Carling if you're the Praines... disgusting stuff) we spent a few hours up in Neil's room where mork played the arcade games with gay abandon (cont....)

But wait! There's more!

Please feel free to mooch around the site. There are far more photos etc, I just couldn't be bothered to put the details here.