30/07/2005 : The Fag and Sandwich Challenge

Way back sometime last year, the wee gingery one went on holiday to one of the many Greek Islands. Whilst enjoying all that this fine county had to offer, he decided that he would bring us back something as a little present. Something we could all enjoy. Laughing our socks off at Kevin and Tom.

Yes, the original Fag Challenge has gone down in the annuls of history as a stroke of genius. What's that? You have no idea what I'm on about? Then you best pop over to wow.f2s.com and have a gander - link here.

But yes, young Mork has been overseas again and returned with more tobacco based products with which to inflict on his unsuspecting mates (well - we had all kinda guessed since last time). But this time (I dunno, maybe he was feeling flush or something) we are talking about a whole new level of tobacco based products - cigars.

Mork is quite protective of the whole Fag Challenge (claims he owns the copyright... I think he just like it so that he can say "fag" a lot) so you'll have to pop over to his site to view the results - click here.

However - it did not stop there. Mr McIntosh clearly has some sort of repressed Scottish evil side to him, and he came up with the Sandwich Challenge.....

Chef Maccas and his humble assistant Steve thought it would be oh-so-funny to see what crap they could find in Tom's kitchen and throw it all together between 2 slices of delicious bread. The unsuspecting victims of this crime against humanity (people have been shot for lesser crimes you know) were Kev (surprise surprise) along with Nikki and Hayley. The rest of us weren't stupid enough to eat anything that came from them, especially when Mork turned out the lights so that they couldn't see what was in them!

Sandwich One: Kevin

Mango Chutney
Chocolate Eggs (French!!! arrrrgghhh)
Gin (Kev likes a tipple every now and again)
Canadian Cheese
Salad Cream
Raw Egg

Thankfully, Steve had the good sense to pop this baby in the microwave for a few seconds - lets face it, we didn't want to poison the poor lad did we?

After munching into his delectable treat, Kev looked like he was promptly going to throw up. Quote of choice was a simple "bastards!" and he scored it a measly 0 out 10. So much for all the hard work the lads put into it!

There is also a short video available in which Kev munches into his treat, and the subsequent actions after. Click here (size: 1,251kb) to view.

Sandwich Two: Nikki

Original Branston Pickle
Porridge Oats
Strawberry Jam
Chocolate Spread

Again, I think I would rather have licked my own scrotum than eat any of that.

< I think this one says it all!
It turns out that Nikki has something against fish, but after checking the remains (no refunds I'm afraid) she had not got to that part yet. No comments or score from Nikki, but I suspect I tasted very similar to Mork....

Sandwich Three: Hayley

Branston Rich and Fruity
McDonalds Sweet Curry Dip
Chicken & Stuffing Paste
Twix Bar
Branston Pickle
Porridge Oats
Cranberry Sauce
Unfortunately, it would seem that Hayley was also not too pleased with the culinary efforts put in for her. She scored her sarnie as -6/10 telling Maccas that he has no future career in catering.


Thankfully, there didn't seem to be any hard feelings after this little experiment, and everyone just went back to drinking. It does look like we've put Kev off sandwiches for life though.
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